Slutty Shemale Leticia, Just Let Me Lick You! - November 17, 2009 by adam

Oh please, I’m begging here! Damn you are one hot and gorgeous brunette tranny babe, and right now my dick is fucking hard thinking about how good it would feel to slide between your sexy ass cheeks and fuck your backdoor! What do you think? Look at her – watch this video clip, look at the body on this babe! Leticia is one very sizzling hot sexy shemale! Now – how good would it feel to slide between her legs, or have her warm mouth suck your dick? Think about and fantasize over that – and then come on over to watch Leticia in her full-length video at Hung Like A Whore?!

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It’s hard to tell she’s not 100% female, and unless you see the dick on Leticia – you’d think she was! She walks, talks, dresses – and rides like a bitch in heat! If Leticia’s got you rock solid, then come on over and catch exclusive videos, browse the photo galleries, gain access to our network – all by joining our bevvy of shemale babes at Hung Like A Whore! Just drop in, find a fuck for your evening, watch her slutty ways, and fantasize about taking her home!

Threesome Porn, Shemale, Slut, Stud – Want to Join In? - November 13, 2009 by adam

Can you figure out which is the guy; which is the girl; and which sexy body in this threesome – is the shemale? I’m loving it – just look at both of the firm, sexy, curvy babes, and imagine both of them sliding into bed with you! Tits, ass, pussy, dick – it all blurs together as you surrender to the lust your own body feels! Can you imagine how lucky this guy is – he gets to have the best of both worlds! One horny whore with a pussy, and one tranny tramp with a dick! Watch this short video clip below…

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Did you pick out the tranny slut? Is she one you’d love to take home? She’s a sexy little slut, isn’t she; and you can find more just like her! Come on over and enjoy more full-length videos, awesome quality photo galleries and much more at Dude Looks Like A Lady! You won’t go wrong with all of these hot fuck hungry tranny whores!

Tranny Slut Tamara Delivers Your Porn Fantasies! - November 10, 2009 by adam

Meet slutty babe Tamara! She loves sucking cock, and nibbling on nutsacks – gorgeous, isn’t she? Tits and ass that just don’t quit! She’s got you fooled… because Tamara is Hung Like A Whore! Yep – this sexy ass bitch is really a sizzling hot shemale and having her lips nibble at your stiff dick, and spreading her ass cheeks so you could slide between those firm buns is why she’s here! She loves performing for the camera, so the more you watch, the more this babe will deliver your hardcore tranny porn fantasies!

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Shemale Slut SueLem, Dark-skin, Sexy and Horny! - November 6, 2009 by adam

Gorgeous! No other way to describe shemale slut, Suelem! Dark-skin, sexy, tits that don’t quit, and ass begging to be fucked – damn, what a babe! Now, how about you fantasizing over getting this hot tranny hoe into bed with you! Imagine it – daydream over it – because here at Dude Looks Like A Lady, you’ll have all of your shemale fantasies revealed!

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